Addressing Cancer Types


One of the most insidious diseases is cancer, but the people who become afflicted with it are some of the bravest people in the world. There are many types of cancer that afflict thousands of people across the UK each year. Breast cancer is one form that is a major issue. It seems to appear in women who have a history of this form in their family. Regular breast exams are critical to an early diagnosis. Most doctors advise women to get checked out if they feel a lump or any other abnormality inside their breast, but regular check-ups lead to much more successful treatments.


Testicular cancer, like breast cancer, is a major issue among residents of the UK. Its causes are still unknown, but early detection is the key for men. Men should get regular exams to determine if swelling in the testicles is due to cancer. Sometimes an enlarged area is a prime indication that there is a problem. Lance Armstrong, the famous cyclist, battled this form of cancer, and he went on to achieve a phenomenal career due to early detection. The UK is home to some of the world's best treatment facilities.


Lung cancer has many causes, but one of the main reasons that it occurs, is smoking. Tobacco smoke is the number one cause of lung cancer worldwide. This is why most regions in the modern world are taking steps to protect the public. Public establishments within the U.S., for example, have banned indoor smoking in many areas. Again, early detection offers the best possible chance for survival. Quitting smoking is the only surefire way to ensure that lung cancer does not become a major problem. Some people go to therapy sessions to try to quit smoking once and for all, and many regions of the UK have treatment centres to help people along their journey.


Skin cancer is often overlooked, but it is equally as dangerous. More people continue to enjoy the sun as they participate in outdoor sporting events. However, doing so irresponsibly, can lead to sun cancer. One of the main signs of this disease is an enlarged mole. Big areas of skin discoloration are other indicators. Older people tend to show signs of sun cancer after extended years working and playing outside without the proper protection. Current education allows us to have the means to protect ourselves with proper clothing and sun block applications. Addressing the different types of cancer is the first step to prevention and proper diagnosis among those who care about their health.