UK Cancer Prevention Foods


Cancer cases continue to increase throughout the world, especially in heavily populated regions like the UK. The good news is that studies show there are many ways for people to prevent cancer before it starts. One of these ways is to eat better foods. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in terms of preventing cancer. Doctors recommend you to eat foods like grapefruit and broccoli to get the best amounts of this vitamin. Vitamin C has been proven to prevent the formation of cancer causing nitrogen compounds.


Aside from providing great heart health, nut consumption is also a great way to prevent some forms of cancer. Vitamin E is the reason why nuts need to be consumed as part of a daily cancer prevention diet. Some of the cancers that it specifically guards against are stomach, lung, and colon cancer. The best part about this food is that it is easy to obtain in most cases. Most nuts contain it, but some of the best options are almonds and peanuts. Almonds are a delicious snack, and you can also get up to 6 grams of usable protein from just one small handful!


Vitamin D deficiencies have been directly linked to several different forms of cancer. This is the reason why more people in the UK are choosing to consume wild-caught salmon. This type of salmon is free of antibiotics, and it is rich in vitamin D. Those who do not enjoy eating fish can find salmon cooked in many different ways. Smoked salmon is one of the most popular ways because it is tasty, and it is already pre-made. Simply add it to a salad, or cook it as a main dish for dinner. Natural salmon is a premier way to prevent most cancers.


A large part of eating healthier is a willingness to change one's lifestyle. In today's society, it is easy to eat processed foods on a daily basis. They are convenient, but they are not healthy, and they lead to increased cancer risks. Those who consume a steady diet of natural vegetables, fruits, fish, and nuts, often run a much lower risk of getting cancer. Consider that the healthiest people eat natural foods, or foods that they are able to grow by themselves. The responsibility for cancer prevention lies with the individual's willingness to contribute to a much better way of living.